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NYX Matte Lipstick in Tea Rose Review + Swatch ❤

Hii Lovelies~ ❤

I hope those living in the US had a great 4th of July & played with or saw fireworks! (: & I hope those living internationally had a great weekend! My family and I went on a tour of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo this weekend and the weather is so much nicer in the beach area than the inland area~ It's like 100 degrees over here right now... but it was a nice 70-ish degrees at Santa Barbara (: 

Today, I will be doing a review on the new NYX Matte Lipstick in the shade "Tea Rose" (: Although the name "Tea Rose" is synonymous with the popular shade of "Tea Rose" of the NYX Round Case Lipstick, the colors are slightly different~ So don't buy this lipstick thinking that it is a matte version of the Round Case Lipstick version! ^^

Onto the product! (:

The packaging of this lipstick is a matte black tube, which represents the matte-ness of this lipstick :D
Smart packaging~ hahaha

I am a packaging freak, so I definitely notice packaging first when I see makeup (:
To me, the lipstick has pretty simple packaging~ but it still looks good

The price of this product is $6.00 for .16 oz~

The main ingredient is bees wax! That is moisturizing to your lips (:
Click the picture for a larger view~  

Left: NYX Matte Lipstick in Tea Rose
Right: NYX Round Case Lipstick in Tea Rose
The NYX Round Case lipstick is definitely lighter than the Matte lipstick~
& the Matte lipstick is a little more red~

*Excuse my chapped lips on top ><
The Matte Lipstick definitely has thinner application than the Round Case lipsticks so it feels lighter & less oily on my lips~ (:
& this lipstick definitely lives up to its "Matte" name because it looked extremely matte compared to other lipsticks~ & I thought Round Case Lipsticks were already matte o___o

The overall look of the lipstick is a pretty muted toned down color which I like! (:
I don't really like to wear bold colors~ ><

This lipstick & shade applies really smoothly on my lips (because it applies thinly) and doesn't accentuate the dead skin on my lips if I have any~ (lol ew.. but believe me, some other lipsticks accentuate my dead skin on my lips and it's scary o___o) For $6.00, this lipstick is a good buy, but I was able to purchase this lipstick for half off because I had a 50% off coupon as a compensation for NYX's fail sale where I was on their website for like 12 hours trying to order makeup for really cheap (but that's a story for another day~ ^^;;) 


I notice that the swatches on the NYX website (nyxcosmetics.com) is extremely off because the swatches are actually darker than the product itself. So if you are looking at swatches, imagine the color to be around 2 shades lighter than it actually is. Or if you have any product such as lipstick or lip gloss from NYX already, you can compare the product with the swatch on the website and adjust the swatches in your head accordingly (:

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Blog Award

Thank you HitomiNeko for giving me a blog award!! (: You are so cute & sweet!! ^^ Goodluck on your new YouTube channel!!

& Be sure to check out her blog or her YouTube channel for her recent giveaway! (:

The Rules
1. Link back to the person who gave it to you.
2. List 7 things about yourself that you haven't mentioned before
3. Tag 7 people and let them know you done so!

7 things about me:
1. I don't like seafood!
I know it's kind of weird cause seafood is supposed to be so delicious, but I think seafood tastes like the ocean... (duhh haha but it just tastes bad ): ) & one time when I was 10, I was at an Asian supermarket and my mom picked a live fish for dinner & I saw the fish butcher take the fish out alive and whack it with a rubber mallet until it stopped flopping around o__o so that kind of traumatized me...

2. I don't like sweet things very much!
hahaha I know that's weird for a girl, but I'd rather eat a bag of chips than a box of chocolates~ haha so I tell my boyfriend to never buy me chocolate/candy, unless it's a select few that I like like Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark (which is only available during Christmas T__T)

3. I cut my own bangs and have only cut my hair in a salon twice in my life.
The first time I went, I got layers because it recently became popular at that time, so my mom told me I should get it! Then the person who cut my hair cut my hair too short so my hair looked horrible.. I never wanted to go to a salon to cut my hair again x___x until I went to China and permanently straightened my hair, they trimmed it for me (for only $30 US dollars o___o partly cause my mom bargained with them...) (: That was a good experience~

4. I am extremely manly.
 HEHEHE~ You wouldn't expect it but I like to play computer games (LEFT 4 DEAD!! <3) and I am very messy... I grew up with my brother who is only 2 years older than me so I pretty much grew up hanging out with guys and playing N64 and Gamecube with them. 

5. I only have 1 dimple.
Since I was little, my mom always told me that I got my dimple from falling off my stroller and stabbing my cheek with the handlebar and I always believed her. I even told all my friends and classmates that that is what actually happened. Now, I don't know what is true anymore because I notice that my dad only has 1 dimple too XD

6. I love coupons & I get excited when there is a coupon for something that I want to buy.
Coupons seem to have a bad connotation because it makes people look "cheap" but I think in this economy, coupons thankfully have become more acceptable. My mom has taught me how to use coupons & when I was little, I used to be a bit ashamed that my mom would use around 10-20 coupons every time we would buy groceries, but when I see the receipt, we are able to buy around 50 dollars worth of groceries for about 10 dollars, so I was pretty happy. Now, I definitely use less coupons than my mom did, but I like to use them on different things, such as online purchases, restaurants & drugstore makeup~

7. I dislike lukewarm food/drinks.
When I cook a soup, I have to drink it immediately when it is burning hot & when it cools down, I boil it again to let it become hot again~ LOL! I am picky about temperatures of food for some reason...
wow~ sorry I wrote so much about everything!! I wonder who read everything... If you did, type hello! in the beginning of your comment XD

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Thank you for reading & have a great day~ ❤

Sincerely, mimi ❤
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