Saturday, April 30, 2011

Missha M Perfect Cover vs. Skin79 Hot Pink Upgrade BB Cream ❤

Hii girls~ ❤

I held a poll this week and Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream #23 received the most votes! But, I've decided to review the Missha M Perfect Cover & Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream because these two seem to be the most popular BB creams on the market~ & when I was choosing between buying these two, I had a hard time picking because there were different good/bad things about both of them! I hope I can help someone out by comparing/contrasting these two BB creams~ ^^

In this review, I will be going over; Color, Texture, Smell, Pore Coverage & Oiliness of the two BB creams.

My skin color is around NC 25-30
My skin type is Oily/Combination

Note: This post is extremely pic heavy so please click "Read More" if you want to read more~❤

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

*Promotion Ended* Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream (Travel Size) for Only $1

 Hii lovelies~

I just wanted to tell everyone that the travel size (20mL) Perfect Cover BB Cream is only $1 on the Missha US website! (: They have the #21 & #23 color~ #21 is for ivory/very light skin (NC 20-25) & #23 is for (NC25-35)

- - - -> Missha Perfect Cover $1 <- - - -

The "flash sale" only lasts 2 days so get it fast! I have this BB Cream in the #23 color and I like it~ The coverage is really good, but if you have oily skin like me, it will make your face REALLY oily!! So beware~ It's better for dry skin. It is somewhat heavy too, so a little goes a long way~ I want to try to Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream next because it's summer & I don't like heavy-feeling things on my skin when it's hot~ ><

The $1 does not include shipping though ): But if you sign up on their site today, you get 10% off your first order! ^^

Sincerely, mimi ❤

Monday, April 25, 2011

2 Year Anniversary with my Boyfriend ❤

Hii lovelies~ ❤

Today is my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend~ ^^ We decided to celebrate it this weekend because we both have to attend college today & study hard! >< Midterms are this week & next week ):

On Saturday, we went to this garden in LA~ it was sooo pretty! I think it was called Descano Gardens~

On the way to the Garden~ Alex is being old school & looking at paper directions because I stole his GPS for my car~ ^^

I like taking pics in the car because the lighting is nice~ ^^ 

This part of the garden reminds me of Alice in Wonderland! ^^

Tulips are in season~ (:

- - - - - - - -

Shabu Shabu/Fondue for dinner~
I wanted to try another fondue place after a horrible experience at Melting Pot last last week ):

yayyy i love meat~

Having fun with Alex's Fujifilm Instax~ XD

Green Tea chocolate fondue! (:
It didn't really taste like green tea though~ More like white chocolate, but it was still good~

Now that this weekend is over, I miss my boyfriend! We don't get to see each other everyday like we did in High School, because we both go to separate colleges~ ):

Do any of you guys have boyfriends that go to different schools? How do you deal with it?~ ><

Sincerely, mimi ❤

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ulta Mini Haul Reviews + Swatch - Pic Heavy~

Hii Everyone~ 

I hope everyone is having a fun weekend~ ^^ I stayed at my apartment at school this weekend so I was really bored ): I was supposed to be doing my marketing project.. but I was so distracted!! I probably watched 5 episodes of Simpsons online this weekend... hehehehe -^^- I love that show but it's so distracting~ 

Today, I will be reviewing the NYX lipglosses, NYX Blush & the Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara that I bought at Ulta a couple of days ago~~ 

1. NYX Mosaic Blush in Rosey
2. NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Salsa
3. NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Sponge Cake
4. Maybelline Define-A-Lash Waterproof Volumizing Mascara

Click to read more~ 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ulta Mini Haul~~ ^^

Hii everyone~ 

YAY it's finally Friday!! Yesterday, I went to Ulta with my roommate/friend Tiffany aka Tiffo! We went to Ulta to buy some makeup from their 40% off sale on Maybelline, Revlon and NYX! The sale was so amazing... I was like a kid in a candy store~ But I ultimately only bought 4 things~ 2 NYX lip glosses, 1 NYX blush & 1 Maybelline Mascara~

Starting from the top, clockwise
1. NYX lip gloss in Salsa
2. NYX lipgloss in Pound Cake
3. Maybelline Define A Lash
4. NYX Mosaic Blush in Rosey

I will have reviews for these soon! but I will tell you right now that the Maybelline Define-A-Lash is SO hard to wash off... I tried it yesterday and 4 of my precious lashes fell out~ T____T

We shopped around at this outdoor mall called Victoria Garden~ & it's so prettyy! I love that place (: 

& while we were walking, Tiffany spotted this bird's nest right in the P of JCPenny!!! AHAHAHAHA~ We thought it was so hilarious, we just stood there pointing at it and laughing while other shoppers tried to find what was so funny... hehe...~
*embarrassed ><

I took this picture of my turtle Hayden today! (: He lives with a bunch of guppies & surprisingly, he doesn't eat them! What a nice turtle~ ^^ I have a turtle, 1 mom guppy, 1 dad guppy & 20 baby guppies >< and a fat adorable hamster named Hami~ 

Hami doing what he's best at~~ Eating sunflower seeds ><

Anyways~ I have so many projects to do this weekend ): College is so tiring... I have severe dark circles under my eyes like a panda @_@ 

I saw this video & it's so cute!! I want that dog~ ><
so smart~~~

Hope everyone had a great week! & have a fun weekend 

Sincerely, mimi 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara Review

Hii~ ♥

The weather has been so weird recently in California~ It was around 80-90°F (27-32°C) last week & today was around 60°F (15°C)! I have such a hard time picking clothes in the morning because I hate wearing jeans and if i wear leggings, it might be too cold/hot~ ):

Anyways~ ^^ I will be reviewing the Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara today! Again, I was struck by the packaging. hehe~ I was shopping at Target for mascara and I saw this for around $5.99 on sale and I just bought it! The mascara states that it is "Ultra Volume, high definition mascara" but from my experience when using it, I think it is more lengthening than volumizing.

Packaging always gets me~ ><

So princesslike~ ^^

Defining brush~

More like super lengthening~

Uncurled natural lashes~


After applying mascara~ Notice how some eyelashes clump?

If your mascara clumps together, use the left side of this (lash comb) to brush out the clumps for a more natural look~ (I bought this at Ulta for $1.29)

All brushed out! My lashes look super long o__o

1. Natural/Uncurled
2. Curled
3. Applied mascara
4. Combed out the mascara

Glam Eyes is non-waterproof. Although I have taken a 2 hour nap with my mascara on and there was little to no flaking~ Just don't cry! ><

My everyday school face~

Conclusion: This mascara is great for lengthening lashes, but does minimal in volumizing. The mascara holds your curl pretty well and is definitely worth it for the price. Rimmel has $2 off coupons on their Facebook page and in the weekly Sunday Los Angeles Times, so you can save even more! (:

Thank you for reading! & have a great week~ It's almost Friday >< 

Sincerely, mimi 
PS: I really need a volumizing mascara right now because my lashes look like spider legs when they are too long~ >< Any suggestions? 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Japonesque Go Curl Pocket Curler Review

Hii~ ♥

I am doing a review on the Japonesque Go Curl Pocket Curler~ I recently bought this cute little eyelash curler at Ulta. It was $10 & I had a $3.50 off $10 purchase so this it was technically $6.50 ^^ I LOVE this curler. I have to admit, the only other curler I have used was my roommate's scissor-type Revlon curler & it pinched the sides of my eyes! Attempting to curl my eyelashes would cause me to cry ): I decided I needed to get one and I saw this online at

The curler received rave reviews from Asian girls who had straight lashes and would get pinched by other eyelash curlers, so I decided to try it (the pink and the cuteness factor also influenced me hehe~). It is pretty pricey for an eyelash curler, but it does the job really well. It makes my lashes stick straight up (like 90 degree angles if I wanted to) or a soft angle, depending on how hard I clamp the lever. The lever also flips down flat so the eyelash curler is about the thickness of a ring finger, so it helps for traveling.

FREE EYELASH CURLER PADS FOR LIFE!! Just go online to Japonesque's website and there is a small form you can fill out (Address, type of curler, etc.) to receive your free eyelash curler pads. There is also a phone number on the back you can call too. 1 Curler pad can be stored on the bottom of the eyelash curler. So handy!


Pink Pink Pink~ ^^

Free Refills for Life!!

So cute & handy~

I did not put on mascara so my eyelashes are a little messy. Buy you can see how high you can curl your eyelashes! You can press more softly on the lever for a less severe curl~

1 extra eyelash curler pad stored on the bottom~

The back flips down and you push down on the lever to clamp the curler~

Pretty packaging~

"Open cage prevents pinched lashes"

Japonesque Go Curl Pocket Curler - Pink @

Ulta currently is not offering the $3.50 of $10.00 but they are offering a 20% off your entire purchase. If you are only going to buy this eyelash curler, wait for the $3.50 off coupon! Save more money ^^

If you do not have a Ulta store near you, you can order this on for $10 + shipping, but if you have Amazon Prime or Amazon Student, shipping is free!!
Japonesque Go Curl Pocket Curler - Black @

Thank you for reading! & Have a great week ^^

Sincerely, mimi ♥

Friday, April 1, 2011

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher Review + Swatch

Hi~ ♪

I am doing a review on the Etude House Lovely Cookie Blush in the No.1 Pink color. When I first saw this blush, I thought it was the cutest blush I have ever seen~ & I am a packaging freak, I love the color pink and I love bows, so I had to get this. Etude House is a brand in South Korea that is an equivalent to a drugstore brand in America. Their makeup/skincare is relatively cheap, but their packaging and stores are so cute~ Why can't there be inexpensive makeup like this in the United States ): But anyways, back to the blush~

The blush is a matte light pink blush that is perfect for a natural look. It is not too bold, but this color may be a little too light for darker skin, but there are other colors to choose from~ You can also layer the blush to achieve the look you want. I have to admit, the blush is a little chalky, but that is because makeup in Asia caters to oily Asian skin so chalky formulas keep the oil to a minimum.


The packaging is so pretty~

The puffball is so cute!

You can use the puffball to apply to blush on the apples of your cheeks, or you can use a blush brush~


Left: Without primer     Right: With Primer
Notice how the right side is more white with the primer?~

Color No. 1~

I applied the blush with the powderpuff because I don't have a blush brush~ ): 
But the powderpuff works just fine (: Just tap the powderpuff onto the blush and then tap it onto your cheeks & repeat for a stronger color. In the picture, I did it maybe 2-3 times.

Some people say the color doesn't show up, but in real life, the color showed up as a faint pink! Just what I wanted (: In pictures with bright light, it may blend into your skin, so if you are going to take pictures, apply more blush~ I am a NC 25-30 so if you are around there, it will show up in real life~ 

I really like this blush! It is a natural color for me (:

NOTE: I purchased this blush with my own money

Thank you for reading!

Sincerely, mimi 
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