Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara Review

Hii~ ♥

The weather has been so weird recently in California~ It was around 80-90°F (27-32°C) last week & today was around 60°F (15°C)! I have such a hard time picking clothes in the morning because I hate wearing jeans and if i wear leggings, it might be too cold/hot~ ):

Anyways~ ^^ I will be reviewing the Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara today! Again, I was struck by the packaging. hehe~ I was shopping at Target for mascara and I saw this for around $5.99 on sale and I just bought it! The mascara states that it is "Ultra Volume, high definition mascara" but from my experience when using it, I think it is more lengthening than volumizing.

Packaging always gets me~ ><

So princesslike~ ^^

Defining brush~

More like super lengthening~

Uncurled natural lashes~


After applying mascara~ Notice how some eyelashes clump?

If your mascara clumps together, use the left side of this (lash comb) to brush out the clumps for a more natural look~ (I bought this at Ulta for $1.29)

All brushed out! My lashes look super long o__o

1. Natural/Uncurled
2. Curled
3. Applied mascara
4. Combed out the mascara

Glam Eyes is non-waterproof. Although I have taken a 2 hour nap with my mascara on and there was little to no flaking~ Just don't cry! ><

My everyday school face~

Conclusion: This mascara is great for lengthening lashes, but does minimal in volumizing. The mascara holds your curl pretty well and is definitely worth it for the price. Rimmel has $2 off coupons on their Facebook page and in the weekly Sunday Los Angeles Times, so you can save even more! (:

Thank you for reading! & have a great week~ It's almost Friday >< 

Sincerely, mimi 
PS: I really need a volumizing mascara right now because my lashes look like spider legs when they are too long~ >< Any suggestions? 


eeunssun said...

wow your eyelashes look really long with the mascara!
*jealous* >_<

mimi said...

@ eeunssun: noooo! they look freakishly long!~ >< hahaha~

eeunssun said...

haha thanks!

& i wish i lived in cali :(
it's so cold in chicago still T-T

Opal Stevens said...

Hey, I'm so glad I found your blog :)! Hope you can check out my beauty blog sometime!

deerest said...

This mascara has two sides :) I find it quite volumising for my bottom lashes depending on which side I want! :D I love it!!

There's a covergirl lash blast which is always known for godly volumising application :D


mimi said...

ohhhh yeahhh!~ I heard good reviews about covergirl lash blast~~ thank you deerest!! (:

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