Monday, April 25, 2011

2 Year Anniversary with my Boyfriend ❤

Hii lovelies~ ❤

Today is my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend~ ^^ We decided to celebrate it this weekend because we both have to attend college today & study hard! >< Midterms are this week & next week ):

On Saturday, we went to this garden in LA~ it was sooo pretty! I think it was called Descano Gardens~

On the way to the Garden~ Alex is being old school & looking at paper directions because I stole his GPS for my car~ ^^

I like taking pics in the car because the lighting is nice~ ^^ 

This part of the garden reminds me of Alice in Wonderland! ^^

Tulips are in season~ (:

- - - - - - - -

Shabu Shabu/Fondue for dinner~
I wanted to try another fondue place after a horrible experience at Melting Pot last last week ):

yayyy i love meat~

Having fun with Alex's Fujifilm Instax~ XD

Green Tea chocolate fondue! (:
It didn't really taste like green tea though~ More like white chocolate, but it was still good~

Now that this weekend is over, I miss my boyfriend! We don't get to see each other everyday like we did in High School, because we both go to separate colleges~ ):

Do any of you guys have boyfriends that go to different schools? How do you deal with it?~ ><

Sincerely, mimi ❤


Kym said...

happy anniversary to a beautiful couple :) looks like a delicious dinner! i'm not in school anymore but when i was, i did date someone who didn't go to the same school... we only saw each other on weekends! it wasn't such a bad thing b/c like they say "absense makes the heart grow fonder" :P

♥ Pixie D ♥ said...

Sweet anniversary lovebirds =) and the Japanese food looks sooo yum! slice beef >__<

mimi said...

@ Kym: awwwww~ That quote is so truee! ^^ It makes you like someone more because you keep thinking about them~ >< & Thank you! (:

@ Pixie: hehe~ & the Japanese food was really good!! ^^

yurina said...

happy anniversary Mimi! ^^
you look so cute in those pic..

Jennifer :) ~ said...

Aw you guys are so cute! Happy two years anniversary to you both <3

mimi said...

@ Yurina & Jennifer: thank you~ ^^ you guys are so sweet (: <3

R.Li said...

shabushabu fondue is amazing!
i love it!
looks amazing!
HAPPY ANNIVersaery to you guys!

Anonymous said...

Why are you so cute??? <3 HAPPY 2 YEARS TO YOU!
You shabu'd too this weekend. (;

mimi said...

@ R.Li: Yeahhh shabu shabu & fondue are soo goood!! >< & thank you!! ^^

@ Tiffo: Why are you so pretty?? (: & Thank you! <3

e e u n s s u n said...

aww cute! happy anni to you two~ :)

the food looks delish! :3

mimi said...

@ Jessica: haha thank youuu!~ ❤ ^^ & the food was definitely delish~ hehehe

Jo said...

Both of you are such cute couple! Your bf looks like those tawaian idol drama kinda boys. LoL. I love the beautiful garden coz it looks so surreal.

Well when I was studying in University (what you term college), my then bf was constantly overseas since he deferred studies and joined the air force. I coped very well. People often asked me how I did it but to me, it was a very natural process. In fact when he came back for the holidays, I would constantly chide him for disturbing me. LoL. I wonder how it would be like to study in the same sch together. We lasted quite well though and we’re married now and as I’m typing this, he’s on an overseas detachment and I could switch mode very easily again.

Label me Addict said...

your BF and you look so CUTE together... happy anni... you have a sweet blog here... i hope you will visit my blog soon:)

From Broadway said...

adorable pictures of the two of you!!!

The Cheshire Cat said...

You are very beautiful! I love your blog! =)


mimi said...

@ Jo: Thank you so much for your comment!!~ <3 Sorry these are such late replies!~ >< Your comment really made me feel a little better because now that I think about it, a lot of people can't see their boyfriend for a much longer time than me~): Especially if their boyfriend is in the army or air force like your boyfriend~ Proud of him! (:

@ Label me Addict: Thank you!!~ <3 Your blog is so creative!~ ^^ Love the poem~

@ From Broadway: Thank you!~ ^^

@ The Cheshire Cat: Thank you dear!~ (:

MSodapop said...

Happy Anniversary!
Your adventure looks so amazing!
Reminds me of Cali.
I was at Cali last summer.
I miss Cali <3

Koltunovskaya said...

A very beautiful garden! You look very nice together.

Melyssa said...

Oooh happy belated anniversary!!! You look cute together and totally happy :)
Love the pictures you took and the food makes me so hungry now :(

Tam said...

This is late but happy 2 years anniversay :) I like doing things the old school ways sometimes because it is different considering how everything is technology nowadays. wow yummm green tea fondue! Now I have to try that!

Bonnie C. said...

Those gardens are so beautiful! I love pictures of flowers and gardens. :-)

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