Saturday, April 30, 2011

Missha M Perfect Cover vs. Skin79 Hot Pink Upgrade BB Cream ❤

Hii girls~ ❤

I held a poll this week and Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream #23 received the most votes! But, I've decided to review the Missha M Perfect Cover & Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream because these two seem to be the most popular BB creams on the market~ & when I was choosing between buying these two, I had a hard time picking because there were different good/bad things about both of them! I hope I can help someone out by comparing/contrasting these two BB creams~ ^^

In this review, I will be going over; Color, Texture, Smell, Pore Coverage & Oiliness of the two BB creams.

My skin color is around NC 25-30
My skin type is Oily/Combination

Note: This post is extremely pic heavy so please click "Read More" if you want to read more~❤

From their respected websites, Skin79 & Missha I could only find the English descriptions for the Skin79 BB Cream ):

I purchased my Skin79 from a seller on eBay called judestore10 for $14.77 + free shipping (lowest price I could find)~
She is really sweet so if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask her on eBay and she will respond within 24 hours~ ^^ 

I also purchased my Missha BB Cream from a seller on eBay called spicygoods for $8.99~
Also, don't hesitate to ask her any questions too if you are hesitant~

Click on the pictures for a bigger view~

Round 1: Color/Texture/Smell

Color: As you can see, the Skin79 is lighter than the Missha #23 & both of them have some sort of a gray cast when I first apply it on my face because I have pink undertones~ After about 30 minutes, both BB creams adjust to my skin color (NC:25-30). Missha also comes in #13, #21 & #31 color, (the smaller the number, the lighter the color, while unfortunately, Skin79 only comes in 1 color~

Texture: Missha is definitely heavier than Skin79. Skin79 is lighter on my face and it spreads more easily, which means lighter coverage. & Missha spreads more heavily, which means heavier coverage.

Smell: Missha has some sort of a baby lotion smell?~ It is definitely stronger than Skin79 because once I wore the Missha BB Cream when going out with Tiffo, she said she could smell it on me x__x Skin 79's smell is very light and I can barely smell it when I apply it on. 

- - - - - - - - - - -

Round 2: Pore Coverage

WARNING: If you are extremely grossed out by pores, please skip this section! Because I bravely took a picture of my naked nose pores in order to give you readers an accurate review~ >< Please don't judge me~ My skin is not perfect! (:



3..... Ready?

TADA!! Ewwww..... ok...... moving on!!

Skin79 gives my pores a medium coverage~ You can't really see the dark pores anymore but if you look up close, you can still see your pores~ Skin79 evens out your texture though~

Pores? What pores?~ hahaha... Missha definitely covers my pores better~ It evens out the skin and covers each and every pore!

- - - - - - - - -

Round 3: Overall Coverage

okay.. here's my naked face again... no face cream, no foundation, no concealer~ NAKED!~ I bet you're wondering, did you get enough sleep last night?~ >< I slept for 8 hours! My dark circles are just really severe ):

Skin79 evens out skin tone, but my dark circles are still peeping out~ >< It gives you a really matte finish; great for taking pictures WITHOUT flash~ (SPF does give you a white cast when you use flash) & it doesn't feel oily on my skin at all~ Skin79 is a little more gray than the Missha BB cream~ But it will adjust after a couple of minutes

Missha also evens out my skin tone but gives heavier coverage over my dark circles under my eyes~ This color is indeed darker than the Skin79 which suits my skin color better~ When I first apply this BB cream, it feels a little heavy and oily~ & it gives you a dewy finish~

It looks like Skin79 is extremely lighter than Missha, but it is the lighting that is off ): I couldn't get the exact same lighting! Just compare my face and my neck to see the difference between the BB cream and my skin color~ & notice the coverage, not the color~ ^^

Click the picture for a bigger pic ^^

- - - - - - - - -

Round 4: Oiliness

These two are actually almost the same in terms of oiliness on my oil blotting paper, but on my face, Missha definitely feels more oily at the end of the day~ After a day at school, which is about 4-5 hours, the Missha BB cream makes my face powder clump up into tiny little patches o___o Skin79 only feels a little oily after school~

In case you are wondering, I am using the Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Oil Control Film for this test~ It says it absorbes oil, but not water~

- - - - - - - - - 

Round 5: Packaging, Price & Product

Note: I purchased both of these BB cream on eBay. Both sellers confirmed they are both indeed real and not fake. The Skin79 BB cream is the upgraded version, which has an upgraded formula, and a smaller, more compact bottle than the previous version(but same amount of product).

I really love pink & this packaging is extremely cute & attractive! ^^

Click the picture for a bigger pic~

Click the picture for a bigger pic~

Expiration Date~

The top of the box~

Inside the box~ Has Japanese, Korean, English & Chinese

Skin79 has a very sanitary vacuum pump~

Authenticity seal~

Manufacture Date~

- - - - - - - - - - 


This BB cream is the travel size, which is smaller than the original size~ 

The back~

Squeeze tube~

Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream (40 ml): $14.77 + Free Shipping
Missha M Perfect BB Cream (20 ml): $8.88 + Free Shipping

- - - - - - - -

Both are good in their own ways. Although Missha is a bit oily on me, it is better suited for dry skin & Skin79 is better suited for oily skin like me. Skin79 has a VIP Gold, which is also suited for dry skin~ Both claim to reduce/prevent wrinkles, even skin tone and protect against the sun. Missha has an incredible SPF 40 PA+++ and Skin79 has an SPF25 PA++. In terms of SPF, Missha would be better suited for the summer, but because of the heavy coverage, I do not know if I would like to use it during the summer. Skin79 has SPF25 which is still enough if you are just going to school, but if you are going to the beach or hanging outside for the whole day, you need to use a sunscreen under the Skin79 BB cream.

For now, I seem to be using my Skin79 BB cream more because of the lighter feeling on my face~ because it's almost summer! ^^

Please make sure to do alot of research before buying on eBay! 

Do NOT Buy from the seller if: 
1. The seller sells random other stuff other than makeup or girly stuff (such as if they sell computer parts or something related to mass manufacturing, big no-no!)

2. Sells from Hong Kong or China (BIG WARNING)

3. Cheaper than $14.00 (Unless it is an auction item from a seller that sells genuine BB Cream, although under $14 is still very rare)

To purchase authentic Skin79 or Missha BB Cream, make sure to check if the seller:
1. Is selling from South Korea

2. Has more than 98-99% satisfaction 
& check why customers left negative/neutral feedback. Was it because the cosmetic item was defective/fake? Or was it just because the shipping was slow, or they never received the item. If it is the former, do NOT buy from the seller. If it is the latter, it is still okay.

3. PLEASE NOTE: Even if they have all of these qualities it is still not guaranteed that they are selling authentic BB Cream.
If you are still wary of eBay sellers, you can always buy from the Skin79 or Missha website of your respective countries~

- - - - - - - - - -

PS: Also, a tip, if you do not like heavy coverage, you can mix the BB cream with a face cream or face sunscreen of your choice~

I hope this review helped! ^^ Goodluck to you all who are choosing a BB cream~ There are SO many out there! >< I hope I helped one of you girls pick the right one (:

Sincerely, mimi ❤


Anonymous said...

Super Great Review!!! (: your pores look more like freckles. hehehe

Sandy ♥ said...

i agree with tiffo, your pores does look like freckles hehe :p. and the skin79 makes you look reallly whitteeee :o

yurina said...

so detailed xD
love this review.. somehow i more into missha because of the great coverage and oil control on me.. but i feel missha is kinda heavy to wear as a daily makeup basis..
have a nice day mimi ^^

mimi said...

@ Tiffo: thank you! ^^ & hahaha! yayyy~ my giant pores look like freckles~ teehehe

@ Sandy: hahaha I wish my pores were freckles! >< & yeahhh idk why in that picture I just look really pale o___o In my previous posts I wore Skin79 & it was more natural-looking~ >< I took this pic like 2 minutes after I applied the BB Cream though~

@ Yurina: awwwwww I'm glad you liked it!~ ^^ Missha is really good for coverage! But I don't know why it's so oily on me~ >< I'm glad it's working great for you! (: Have a great day to you too!~ You're so sweet~ (: ❤

Marion ♥ said...

Hi mimi!♥ The missha one matched you better! I have missha too but I broke out alot :( Haha. I liked the smell and coverage though! :3 It smells like baby stuff. ♥

♥ Pixie D ♥ said...

agree with marion, the color of missha bb cream seem matching up ur skin color better =)?

but its true that too many faux products from china, e.g. mac, false lancome etc. im really skeptical to get products from ebay ~_~!!

mimi said...

@ Marion: Hiii!~ ^^ Yeahhh I agree the Missha one matched me better~ >< The Skin79 is kind of like Missha #21~

& awwww I'm sorry to hear that the Missha one broke you out ): Maybe another BB Cream will suit your skin better~ ^^

@Pixie D: Yeahhhh I agree with you~ ^^ There are SO many fake products! I did so much research about fake/real products because I was so scared~ ><

Jiawa said...

great review! I never thought of mixing BB cream with a moisturizer - good idea!

mimi said...

@ Jiawa: Thank you!~ I forgot where I learned to mix those two together but it's been really helpful!~ ^^

Shop N' Chomp said...

Ooh, I love comparison posts! Thank you for this. =D I also like your tip b/c I have always found BB creams to be heavy.

Lina Kim ♥ said...

thanks for your review ^^ I love Missha BBC too~

DinaXYYan said...

Wow, your review both the bb creams very thoroughly! Thanks for the comparison, I have yet to try either of them but both bb creams sound good :)

Kym said...

re: your comment, yeah, i was quite taken a back when he asked me if i spoke english! haha! next time, i'll just seriously play along!

mimi said...

Shop N' Chomp: no problem!~ ^^ glad I could help hehe~ & congrats on winning DinaXYYan's contest for her Hello Kitty MBD masks~ (:

Lina Kim: you're welcome!~ ^^ Missha BB cream has such good coverage & spf!

DinaXYYan: haha~ you're welcome~ glad I could help~ hehe both of them are a little different~ hope you find one that suits you!~ ^^

Kym: hahaha yeahhh! that would be so hilariouss~ ><

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment :) this is a great review.. i only use japanese bb creams for now since korean makeup or skincare doesnt really like me T_T ive tried missha before and it didnt work for me at all.. glad to see it works for you very well!

sugar sugar said...

great review! it's so informative. i have used both bb creams but the only bb cream that worked for me is etude house's precious minerals. :D

mimi said...

Nic Nic: Ohhhh! I've always wanted to try Japanese BB cream!~ >< Maybe you can recommend me one? (: hehe~ Sorry that Korean makeup/skincare doesn't work for you ): Everybody's skin is different!~ (:

Sugar Sugar: Thank you!~ ^^ I LOVE Etude House!!~ Maybe I'll try that one when I go back to China and try to haul a bunch of their makeup/skincare!~ ^^

Rinny said...

Thanks for the great comparison review! I've been wanting to try both of these bb creams for awhile now. I think that the Missha one seems to suit your skin better, both in terms of color and coverage. I think the Skin79 one would look better on you during the winter when you are a bit paler maybe? :)

P.S. I'm a new follower of your blog as well ^^

Crystal Luvz said...

Great review on both BB creams. I just received my Skin79 miniature. It comes with 4 small sample size tube of 4 diff Skin79 BB cream. Yesterday, I tried the Hot Pink one and today I tried the Diamond The Prestige. I still have the Gold and Luminous Pearl to try. So far, I prefer the Diamond over the Hot Pink only because the Hot Pink has a greyish undertone to it.

Great blog btw, following! ^^

mimi said...

Rinny: You're welcome! (: I think the Missha one does suit me better too! haha~ But it just feels so heavy ): Thank you for following! ^^ I followed you as well (:

Crystal Luvs: Thank you! (: Ohhhh you got the 4 mini tubes! I always wanted to try the Diamond BB Cream! Does it have shimmer to it?~ I really liked the packaging for it but I was afraid it has shimmer because my face gets really oily~ >< But yeahh I totally agree the Hot Pink has a major grey undertone ): Thank you for following! ^^ I followed you back (:

m. said...

aw thanks for following back <3

the review you wrote is great, so detailed and comparison is always useful! i myself didn't try any BB cream yet, but i finally ordered one a few days ago! can't wait~

mimi said...

@ m.: wahhh~ can't wait til you get your BB Cream!~ ^^ Hope you like yours (: You should do a review on it!

LovelyKimi said...

thanks for this review i like bb cream the perfect cream

Anonymous said...

Hey. Can't tell you how much I would like you thank you for this review (:

I live in New Zealand and do not have a skin79 shop ANYWHERE in the entire country. And so I decided to do research online and stumbled across your blog.

Many thanks for the detailed review (:


mimi said...

@ Lovely Kimi: you're welcome!~ ^^ BB cream is like the perfect cream! (:

@ Lan: Thank you soo much! That made me feel so good about doing these reviews~ ^^ I love helping people & I'm glad I was able to help you! (: Goodluck finding the perfect BB Cream for you! ^^

tinee said...

Heloo mimi! Thank you for the review :) Whatever bb cream you're wearing... you still look pretty! :) As for me I think I'd go for the Missha one. How I wish bb creams in manila are a bit cheaper. Their unusually overpriced here. le sigh. :)

ps, i followed you! :P

mimi said...

@ tinee: You're welcome for the review~ ^^ You can buy bb cream online if it's cheaper! ^^ & Thank you for following! (:

ThisIsAlx said...

Wowwww great comparison!!!! I think i like the missha!!! I wanted to get it before but i have very yellow skin tone.. Like nc35

Tiffany said...

Love your review!
Thanks for the tips on fake bb cream!
But, I bought BB cream (full size Missha) for only 10 bucks! Haha but I guess it should be fine, I bought it in the DFS at Incheon ^^;

Liz said...

Thank you for the review. I've been thinking buying from judestore10 for months and found your review which is a big help for me so next month I will order the skin79 bb cream from judestore10.

Ashiya Aina said...

Hey, thank's for the review.. You look more beautiful by using the bb cream!! ^^ I was looking for some informations about these two bb creams when i found your blog on google. This reeeaaallllyyyyy... helps!! I'm oily, enough oily to be aware of choosing makeups,, I think i will choose skin79, lighter coverage and lighter results than Missha.. ^^ Lotsa thanks!!

Melanie said...

hi mimi! your review was just what i needed! thank you :) i have the missha one and dont like how it feels sticky D: so i was wondering if i should purchase the skin79 one, and i absolutely am now ^^ thank you so much for the detailed review!

@Lan i also live in new zealand! if you live in akl, you can purchase the skin79 bb cream in the city at atrium :)

Ashley said...

Really detailed review on BB Creams. I SO have been wanting to try one!

My name is chien said...

I badly want both of them! Haha...I am into bb creams lately and I just purchased my second tube of maybelline bb cream although I still have my etude house precious minerals all day strong (whoa...long name!)

My little new world:

Veevs Taka said...

Thank you. You helped me decide betwee those two. I'll go for the Skin79.


Lillian Chiou said...

Hi Mimi!

I'm totally new to bb cream (just heard of it last week actually), and came across your blog. I have normal-dry skin and have medium skin tones and am thinking of either getting the Skin79 GOLD or the Missha Perfect Cover. What are your thoughts on the GOLD? Thanks!

- Lillian

Anonymous said...

Thanks!~^^ I ordered the Missha bb cream off of eBay, but bubzbeauty recommended the seller, rubyruby76, and she sells tons off bb creams!:') I'm only 13 but I have spots, so I wanted to give missha bb cream a go. Most foundations tend to break me out:( I only bought the missha bb cream because it's quite cheap, and it has more shades. I'm pale so I got shade 21#:') I have quite oily skin, but when I wash and moisturise my face daily it tends to stay in between oily and dry, so hopefully this will work out well for me^^~

Maddy said...

Great review! I really appreciate how detailed you were!

Anonymous said...

hello~ i was thinking of purchasing missha bb cream because i have a pink undertone as well. do you turn pink in the cold?

makeup monster said...

Fantastic review, I love my Skin79 bb cream but would defo try MISSHA now!

Lia said...

Hello!!! U Cant help me?? Where i can buy skin79 products in China or Hong Kong?? Please help me!!

Anonymous said...

fantastic review! good effort!

Gwen said...

This review is extremely useful ! I have never used any BB cream or make up products and this post helps me a lot ! Thanks ! :D

Bella ♥ said...

I stumbled upon your blog as I was looking a review for both products, I'm torn between the two! So thanks for posting this!!! ♥

Angie A said...

Hi MImi great review! I'm thinking between Missha and Etude House if you've ever tried it and I want to use it during school Which one do you think would last longer? I have like a NC 30 skin tone right now. And which is good for combo skin? I"m looking for a med-full coverage without it looking cakey. If you haven't trie dthe Etude House what are some bb creams you would recommend for me?

InnocentlyNaive said...

Wow!! Great review!! Good Job!! :)

InnocentlyNaive said...

Wow!! Great review!! Good Job!! :)

Laura Morales said...

Hi I was just wondering from what seller did you purchase the skin79 pink bb cream, I have been wanting to buy it but apparently the new bb creams made in 2013 no longer have the authenticity sticker anymore, so im not sure where I can get the authentic one

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