Friday, April 15, 2011

Ulta Mini Haul~~ ^^

Hii everyone~ 

YAY it's finally Friday!! Yesterday, I went to Ulta with my roommate/friend Tiffany aka Tiffo! We went to Ulta to buy some makeup from their 40% off sale on Maybelline, Revlon and NYX! The sale was so amazing... I was like a kid in a candy store~ But I ultimately only bought 4 things~ 2 NYX lip glosses, 1 NYX blush & 1 Maybelline Mascara~

Starting from the top, clockwise
1. NYX lip gloss in Salsa
2. NYX lipgloss in Pound Cake
3. Maybelline Define A Lash
4. NYX Mosaic Blush in Rosey

I will have reviews for these soon! but I will tell you right now that the Maybelline Define-A-Lash is SO hard to wash off... I tried it yesterday and 4 of my precious lashes fell out~ T____T

We shopped around at this outdoor mall called Victoria Garden~ & it's so prettyy! I love that place (: 

& while we were walking, Tiffany spotted this bird's nest right in the P of JCPenny!!! AHAHAHAHA~ We thought it was so hilarious, we just stood there pointing at it and laughing while other shoppers tried to find what was so funny... hehe...~
*embarrassed ><

I took this picture of my turtle Hayden today! (: He lives with a bunch of guppies & surprisingly, he doesn't eat them! What a nice turtle~ ^^ I have a turtle, 1 mom guppy, 1 dad guppy & 20 baby guppies >< and a fat adorable hamster named Hami~ 

Hami doing what he's best at~~ Eating sunflower seeds ><

Anyways~ I have so many projects to do this weekend ): College is so tiring... I have severe dark circles under my eyes like a panda @_@ 

I saw this video & it's so cute!! I want that dog~ ><
so smart~~~

Hope everyone had a great week! & have a fun weekend 

Sincerely, mimi 


e e u n s s u n said...

lol but isn't like 65 degrees considered cold for you Californians? XD

& omg your hamster is sooo cute! i had a hamster named hami also! but i spelled it like hammy haha.. i just got the name from hamtaro though hahahah and i have a turtle right now too! :P

mimi said...

@ Jessica: 65 degrees is cold!! o___o hahaha~ but you live in Chicago so I wouldn't know >< I wish it would snow here ):

hehehe~ hamsters are so cute~ >< & turtles are so wrinkley teehee~

Vintage Makeup said...

Great haul, love your background! :)

mimi said...

@ Vintage Makeup: Thank you!!~ ^^

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