Monday, January 16, 2012

Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner in Black Review ❤

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I'm so sorry for being MIA for almost a month! (:

I will be doing a review on the Wet n Wild Creme eyeliner that fellow blogger thisisalx requested (: I purchased this eyeliner from Rite Aid for $3.99. I have heard great reviews on it before and I was always on the lookout for this eyeliner but I could never find it because it was always sold out! But the day I saw this eyeliner, it was the last one so I had to buy it! & it was cheap and non-glittery (unlike my Physician's Formula black gel eyeliner).

Wet n Wild has a place in my heart because one of my first makeup products was a Wet n Wild pencil eyeliner that was pretty bad... but I still thought it was really cool because it was makeup but I really liked their cheap nail polishes though (:

As a packaging freak, I always have to comment on packaging hahaha~ The Wet n Wild packaging is really simple but does not look good at all! ):
It's plastic and feels cheap, but that doesn't necessarily mean the product is bad though (:
But it's interesting that the distributor of this eyeliner is located like... really close to me in City of Industry haha~ I should go visit their company :D

There is .13 oz of product~ & because the container is made of plastic, many people have had the problem of their eyeliner drying really fast ): But as long as you screw the top back on securely, it should last you a reasonable amount of time~

The color is really black! This eyeliner has been called a dupe for MAC's Fluidline in Blacktrack, but I haven't tried MAC's liner so I can't really compare ><

The brush that comes with the package is kind of bad ): 
It's stiff and too thick for me~ So I use my ELF Small Smudge Brush which I think is perfect for eyeliner~

Left: Eyeliner drawn with the brush that came with the eyeliner
Right: Eyeliner drawn with ELF Small Smudge Brush
The eyeliner goes on really smoothly and it's a really pigmented black! 

The eyeliner is pretty waterproof, but it's not completely waterproof~

& it smudges a little when it is rubbed~ but when it's not touched, it doesn't smudge at all (:

Make sure to fill in your lash-line! With a bold color like black, the gap is really apparent!

 I really like it! (: 
Even though the packaging might look a little boring, but if the product is good, the packaging can look like a piece of poop and I'll use it~ hahaha~ The eyeliner is pigmented and you do not have to tug on your eyelid in order for the eyeliner to glide on your eyelid. In addition, the liner stays all day and it does not "imprint" onto the bottom of your eye unless you sweated like crazy that day~ (:
Long Lasting
Super Pigmented

Plastic Container (product dries easily)
Hard to find because it is so popular

I hope this review helped you~ & Thank you for reading!! (:

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The cups are SOOO adorable! There's only 1 design for the cup, I just took front/back pictures~ haha
I really want to keep the cup but that's kind of weird.. 
But I kept the spoons (: Hello Kitty and Chococat!!
There are 2 more spoons (Keroppi & My Melody) but they are coming out later~

Thank you for reading my random rambling! & I hope you guys have a great week (:

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