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Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Gel CreamLiner - Hazel Eyes Trio Review & Swatch ❤

Hii dears~ ❤

I love you girls! >< Thank you so much for sticking with me even though I haven't done a review in ages!! & Thank you all for letting me reach 100+  followers~ This is such a milestone for me~ >< I want to do something to thank all of you for supporting me~ I will be holding a giveaway soon!! yes? yes? ^^ But shhhhh! I will be waiting until school ends in one week til I can collect all the things I want to giveaway~ & I will probably take forever so please be patient because I am a sloth!!~ 

I will be reviewing the Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Gel CreamLiner for Hazel Eyes (they ran out of "For Brown Eyes" ><) that I purchased at Ulta recently!~ I did this review first because Rinny said she was interested in this product so I wanted to show her what it was like!~ ^^ I will do the other reviews from my Ulta mini-haul soon! (: 

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  • The 3 colors that is comes with are "Taupe" for a "Natural" look, "Pink" for a "Playful" look and "Black+Pink Shimmer" for a "Dramatic" look~ & it comes with a mini eyeliner brush~
  • In reality, the "Pink" is actually purple! & The "Black+Pink Shimmer" is a glitter bomb of pink glitter in black eyeliner! O:
  • The packaging is pretty normal packaging, it tells you that the product is "24 hour wear" but I will tell you if it really is 24 hour wear! (:

Back of the packaging~ 

Ingredients in case someone is allergic to anything~ ^^
Click the picture for a bigger version~

The black is extremely creamy and glides on your eyelid~
BUT the thing I don't like... is the massive amount of glitter!! I was not expecting this at all! ):
I wanted a solid black eyeliner, but when the packaging said "pink shimmer" I thought..okay, maybe a tiny amount would be okay, but this is too much~

A lot of glitter, and it irritates my eyes sometimes when they sometimes fall in my eye D:

The "pink" but actually purple color is a purple with tiny glitter particles~ 

The texture is smooth and creamy, but the purple is not very opaque~ 
It needs about 3-4 coats to be opaque~
This color is not my favorite :/

The "taupe" color is actually my favorite! (: There is no glitter, only a metallic look to it when you put it on!~ The color is really pretty~

You can't really tell the black has shimmer at this angle~ haha
The taupe still looks gorgeous!!

I like how these are stackable and separate-able (:
You can unstack it and just bring the color you like~ 

The brush that comes with the eyeliner is not bad at all!~ Although it is not exactly as thin as my normal gel eyeliner brush, it works pretty well for an on-the-go brush~ It even comes with a protector cover (:

Picture of my eyeball with the taupe eyeliner~ ^^

My life-saver when applying eyeliner!~ If I feel lazy, I just swipe eyeliner all over the place on my eyelid and then take a pointed cotton swab to make it neat (:

I applied the eyeliner and let it dry for about 20 minutes and then rubbed it vigorously! As if someone were rubbing their eye~
This is the end result~ Not bad huh?~ 

Then a applied water on it and rubbed vigorously again and this is the result!~ As if someone were crying and rubbing their eyes~
Still not bad! But I don't suggest you rub your eye if you cry and have eyeliner or mascara on because you will end up with raccoon eyes~ ><

In the end, I am still happy with my purchase because it only cost like 3 dollars after all the coupons I used at Ulta, but if it were the original price, $10.95, I would not think it was worth it ):

Long Lasting (Lasts all day for me!)
3 different colors
Convenient packaging

Thin consistency of the purple/"pink"
Expensive for a drugstore brand
Plastic packaging may dry out gel faster

As always, I hope I helped someone out pick out the right product for them! (:
I hope you all have a great week and weekend!

Sincerely, mimi ❤

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