Friday, October 28, 2011

Sorry For My Hiatus!! ❤

Hii Girlies~ 

I am so sorry I have not been updating my blog recently! I transferred universities and the new university that I am attending is so rigorous! o___o I have not had enough time to review makeup ): I really miss my blog!! Thank you everyone who commented on my blog wondering where I was >< I feel so special that people actually remembered me!! (; I will not be doing a review today but I will just tell you about my latest obsessions in terms of makeup! I've been obsessed with getting the (semi) New Limited Edition L'Oreal Project Runway Collection of blushes. Last last week I seriously HAD to get all of them because I heard really good reviews on all of them. So I went with my boyfriend to Ulta but of course they were sold out... so called up every single drug store near me to ask if they were in stock and none of them were... So it was about 12 oclock midnight and I find a Walgreens 15 miles away that has 2 of the blushes in stock so my boyfriend drove me to Walgreens to get the 2 blushes...

I know I'm obsessed (: But I'm so glad I got them... I got the Sultry Raven's Blush & Charming Cockatoo & I'm loving both of them! Sultry Raven is the perfect dolly pink and Charming Cockatoo is a more bolder pink. I have ordered the other two (Watchful Owl and Audacious Amazon) on so they will be arriving soon! But if any of you have the chance, definitely try them because they are so pigmented and smooth! & they come with .35 ounces of product! Which is a pretty good amount. NYX powder blushes have .18 ounces so the L'Oreal blushes are about double the NYX blushes!

Such pretty packaging (:
I'll probably be reviewing all of them at the same time when I have the time! ><
Midterms are almost over!!

Thank you for reading & have a great weekend! 

Sincerely, mimi 
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