Monday, June 20, 2011

Josie Maran My Favorite Argan Powders Review + Giveaway ❤

Hii Girlies~ ❤

Sorry I have been MIA this past week! >< but I have still been on Blogger replying to your comments and surfing your blogs though (: I just didn't have time to do a review! School just ended for me last week so I took a week off to hang out with friends and go out with my boyfriend~ (: Now that I had a week off, summer school starts for me today! ): But that means time to do a review!~ ^^

I will do a review on something that I recently purchased & LOVE! Josie Maran recently had a sale on their My Favorite Argan Powders Palette which was originally $45 but they were having a sale and the palette was $20, because they are unfortunately discontinuing it! WHYYY??? If any of you read/watch Jen or frmheadtotoe on Blogspot or YouTube, you probably heard of how much she loves her Josie Maran My Favorite Argan Powders Palette. I saw how pretty & versatile the colors were and her review/swatches totally made me fall in love with the palette. Unfortunately, it was $45 at the time, so I could not afford to buy it, but once it was $20 on sale, I just HAD to jump on the occasion. I purchased 3 palettes total, 2 My Favorite Argan Palettes and 1 Wildflower Palette. The palettes are both available right now on their site in the "Good Buy's" section!

On to the review! (:

This palette is pretty small, about the size of a compact digital camera~
The case is a beautiful metallic pink and it is made of CORN!!
Josie Maran believes in using natural materials in their makeup and packaging to reduce waste, be natural and be beautiful at the same time (:

The colors are so gorgeous, I love each and every color~
but the blush on the right is what made me want this palette the most (:

These swatches are from top to bottom~
So the first 5 colors are the eyeshadows~
& then blush, bronzer, blush (:
Sorry for the horrible swatches! >< It was hard to fit everything~

The eyeshadows are so buttery and smooth~ It doesn't crease on my super oily lids either if I use it with my ELF primer! (:

The blushes & bronzer (: I love the blush on the right~

A look that I did with this palette (:
Pedo smile >:3

Love it! (:
P.S. Don't mind my caveman eyebrows x__x
I didn't tweeze my eyebrows for like a week... & I'm a noob at it so whatever! (: HEHEHEHE~

- - - - SMALL GIVEAWAY - - - - 

- - - PLEASE READ - - -
Sooo.. last week, I said that I wanted to thank all of my followers for helping me reach 100+ & for following my blog even though I am horrible at updating~ ^^ I was planning to giveaway my other My Favorite Argan Palette because I know many of you would love the versatile colors! BUT I thought to myself that not everyone would probably like what I like, so I have decided that I will let you choose what you actually want if you win (; For my giveaway, I want you to be able to choose any makeup item that I have reviewed/hauled in my blog (aka any makeup I talked about before this post & no I will not give you my old/used makeup lolol, I will buy you a new one) Since many of you do not live in the US, some of the makeup that I review is not available to you, so I want you to have a chance to win it if you really like it (the My Favorite Argan Palette is still available for you to choose if you want it too) So for example, if you win, you can choose the Physician's Formula eyeliner if you want, the NYX blush/lip gloss, Skin79/Missha BB Cream, Japonesque Eyelash curler, etc etc, hehe that means you have to go through all my old posts (;

Yes you get the tiara too because I think you all are princesses :D

Sorry this giveaway is a little small, but I am a poor, sloth-like college student~ (:

This giveaway is open internationally! (:

1. You must be a follower of my blog (publicly)
Write down your GFC name please (:
2. Leave your email address, to contact you if you win ❤
(if you use the commenter thing I have on the bottom, just put your email in there & I will have it, so you don't have to post it publicly)
3. What makeup would you want if you won?*
*Please read my giant paragraph above relating to my giveaway... I know it's a giant paragraph but... it relates to my giveaway.. ><

Extra Entries:
+1 Link the giveaway picture on your blog's sidebar
+1 Make a post about my giveaway & copy down the link in your comment
+1 What is my boyfriend's name? HEHE~ 
A little birdy told me that new commenters can just look at previous comments for my boyfriend's name x__x so this doesn't count! For the ones that already answered, good job, I will still count your extra point though (:
So my new +1 question is:
+1 How old am I?

Winner will be announced July 31~

Thank you everyone for reading!~ & have a great summer ❤

Sincerely, mimi ❤

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